Dinner With Friends

Dinner With Friends Kampphotography Personal

Gathering around the table with close friends to enjoy a delicious meal is something we always enjoy doing.  There is nothing better then having people that are important to your life all around one table, laughing, occasionally breaking into song, laughing some more, friendly debates on totally random and far fetched subjects, and then yes laughing some more.

Last night we had some of our best friends over to watch the Jets / Ottawa game, followed by an absolutely beautiful meal prepared by Jess.  Our friends April, and Dwayne, are in the middle of their self challenged “one month living vegan”, so Jess was also challenged to create a vegan friendly meal with included –

  • Baby Kale / Arugula + Strawberry Salad 
  • Fresh homemade Focaccia Bread w/ Roasted Garlic to spread
  • Vegan cream of celery soup

There were nothing but happy stomachs all around the table =)